January 17, 2019
January 7, 2019

Aquabike H2Ofit BARRACUDA

The new Aquabike H2OFit "Barracuda" was founded on the success of the "PRO" model that has admirers in Italy and in several European countries in the field of fitness and rehabilitation. Designed to CAD, made of special steel resistant to oxidation and treated with electro-polished , to be protected from aggressive agents present in the water of the pool, worked with laser technology and robot welding to ensure high quality standards and reduce the necessary imperfections the manual processing.

aquabike barracuda
Features: h5>

Stainless steel p>

width 60 cm, length 110 cm p>

Materials stainless steel, pvc p>

Weight around 19 Kg p>

Packaging 111x94x26 p>

The frame dell'aquabike H2OFit "Barracuda" achieved at V makes it possible to quickly determine the correct posture, adopting the exact center of gravity of pedaling on subjects of any height and morphology; this reduces to a minimum the bike adjustment times and injuries resulting from an incorrect posture. The pedals are constructed with non-toxic materiaI and assembled with a modular system that makes every single replaceable part in a simple, fast and above all economic; as well as the newest "resistors" surprising in the simplicity with which combine the roundness of pedaling with the "presence" in constant pedaling same cycle in both clockwise and counterclockwise. Work on hydrobike is also enhanced by the exclusive training course. H2OFit "Barracuda" aquabike is ideal for those who want to introduce the activities in their center in little expensive way but not at the expense of 'reliability of the product, taking advantage of the experience and of H2ofit warranty.